1. Have you qualified as an expert many times?
Yes, at least a thousand times both for the state and defense.

2. What would you be prepared to testify to?
a) The proper administration and reliability of the Breath test.
d) The proper administration, interpretation, scoring and validity of on-site field sobriety tests to include the standardized field sobriety tests sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

3. Is this service expensive?
No, my fees are the most reasonable in the State of New Jersey and probably in the U.S.A. Check out our fees.

4. How are you able to charge so little?
I have a very low overhead and high volume caseload.

5. Will you travel out of state?
Yes, to testify on field sobriety tests only at this time.

6. What are your out of state fees?
They are negotiable, depending on circumstances and travel considerations, etc.

7. Will you participate in any seminar?
Yes, I do and have spoken at several seminars in the state of NJ regarding Breath testing and field sobriety tests.

8. Will you come to the attorney’s office for an office seminar?
Yes, at no cost to the attorney’s office in the state of New Jersey only.

9. Are you keeping current with new instrumentation and field sobriety tests?
Yes, I attend out of state seminars and training classes periodically. See C.V.

10. How quickly can you address my case?
As soon as the file is received in my office, I will review it within twenty-four hours. If the file is received with complete discovery, I can generate an opinion report within five business days.